Sujin Lee

I don't know the endingЯ не знаю, чем это закончится (2017)

Re-Conversation(s) [sic] (2016)

Hyphen (2016)

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Project (2015)

Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn (2015-)

'this landscape (2013)

This Voice (2013)

Who Saw What's on the Top Shelf? (2013)

Text to Speech (Statement) (2012)

Time/Hour (2012)

Sync/Split (2012)

This is a story for small children. a true-life love story (2012)

1231 (2011)

Turtles Are Voiceless (2010)


Silent Films (2009)

Without a Shadow of a Doubt (2009)

One Horse or Two Horses? (In a Hungry Voice) (2008)

The Voice Who Outlived the Image: Excerpts in Progress (2007)

Fast (2007)

Enunciated: Vowel Shortening, Consonant Deletion/Insertion (In the end, it cannot look like ending) (2006)

Lean on Me (2006)

She is a girl who speaks for herself. (2005)

Skin (2003)

S/P/O/R/TS/G/R/A/P/H/I-C/NUM/B/E/R/2/7/5/ (2003)

The Thing that She Carried (2003)

Useless Landscape (2002)

untitled video (2002)

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